As luck would have it, school holidays and Australians are again placed under stay-at-home order to combat growing number of COVID cases

While this announcement has likely been greeted with a sense of dread, and parents at a loss of how to entertain the kids – it doesn’t have to be! Melbourne-based experience company AmazingCo, a has a range of unique at-home experiences available that will help us stay home, stay safe and have fun with specially designed activities catering to couples, families and friends!

Unique, at home fun during lockdown
Photo by Sophie Elvis on Unsplash

The full range of at-home experiences AmazingCo offer can be found here but we have outlined some below for ease –

For Families

Family Date Night

In this experience, you and your family will need to solve riddles together, each of which will reveal a fun challenge for you to compete in. Whoever has tallied up the most points at the end of the evening will take home the greatest prize of them all – the whole family’s eternal respect!

For Couples

Foodie Date Night

Designed especially for foodies,  Foodie Date Night provides you with 2 – 3 hours of fun activities, trivia, and challenges competing against each other or working together – whichever you prefer! Make your way through 10 different activities including cooking, tasting, music, trivia and even craft challenges in your very own kitchen.

For Roommates

Murder Mystery Party

Delivered completely digitally, you will get a digital set of instructions, character bios (one for every player) and a detailed storyline about a murder crime sent you, which you will work together to solve.

Friends Games Night

Get ready for a fun night where you’ll team up and compete in a variety of games, sure to have you all laughing by the end of the night! Entertaining you for 2-3 hours, you and your friends will solve clues together, revealing fun challenges or trivia questions for you to compete in – all delivered digitally to your device.

About AmazingCo

Founded by a trio of best mates, AmazingCo is a Melbourne-based company, creating unique experiences that help people form better connections with the people, places and things important to them, all the while supporting local small business and communities through the experiences they offer. AmazingCo is helping people everywhere discover what ‘time better spent’ really means – that’s over 1 million happy people who have been part of an AmazingCo experience!

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